A Type Bar ‘Speaker’ participant dictates a letter to a ‘Typist’ participant.

Type_Bar_Method pdf

    • Together they use the manual typewriter to move outside of normal experience and to open communication.
    • The Speaker has an opportunity to reflect as s/he composes a letter out loud.
    • The Typist explores listening and creativity by asking questions, helping the Speaker choose phrasing, and by hand typing the letter.
    • With no delete or cut-and-paste, the Speaker and Typist are faced with the apparent permanence of their creation as they compose in real time together.
    • Contents and formats suggested for Type Bar letters: formal letters, notes, poems, lists, once-upon-a-time stories, famous quotes, digital conversations typed, thank yous, song lyrics, and pretty much anything else you can think of to fit on the page and mail in an envelope.
    • Type Bar Letters are then augmented with clippings, quotes, art, and vintage postage stamps. This completes the perception that the message transcends routine.
  • Letters are then either mailed or hand delivered to their recipients by The Type Bar service.

Recipients of Type Bar letters often understand that they are receiving a rare communication.

The Solo Practice
Participants are welcomed to type letters, poems or type-art by themselves. This is a great way to get familiar with the typewriters. It is useful for private letters or to explore type-art on the page.

You may wish to combine any letter with other type-art. See http://www.thetypebar.com/category/art/
The slow communication manifesto: http://www.thetypebar.com/slow-communication-manifesto/

Thank you to all the collaborators over the years who have helped to develop this method.