Slow Communication Manifesto

 A Slow Communication Manifesto

Because communication technology and diverse media formats and forms continue to supply more ways to rapidly connect people,

Because the complexity, speed and ubiquity of these tools is ever increasing,

Because there exists a growing expectation for immediate responsiveness and always connectedness in the culture,

Becasue more and more of our memory and consciousness are being remembered outside of our human minds,

Because free self expression and communication are becoming evermore pre-determined by database fields, templates or standards,

Because the ergonomics of the hardware available is often poorly matched to the humans using the hardware,

And because the defining lines between media receiver and producer are falling away…

We have undertaken to draft this Manifesto for Slow Communication.  This document is intended to serve as a guide for  anyone who seeks balance and insight within their habits of communication.  With this manifesto we intend to:

Improve our communication skill and ability in whatever medium we may find ourselves communicating in

Meet in person whenever possible and make eye contact during verbal and non verbal interactions

Take a deep breath before responding to synchronous verbal messages

Allow ourselves the freedom to respond to asynchronous messages in any time frame comfortable to our preference

Allow ourselves the necessary time and comfort to draft, re-draft, think and re-think any communication before sending

Dare to add original and consequential opinions or creative modifications to any message we repeat, re-broadcast or re-tell in any form

Strive to understand the inherent and apparent bias, value, judgement or point of view within any message we send or receive

Commit to take short or long term breaks from any or all rapid communication as we see fit to maintain balance and integrity

On this day the twenty first of June 2011, A Slow Communication Manifesto is introduced.