Type Bar Letters of Letting Go – Activity pdf download

Hand typed letters carry a special significance in the digital age. They are created in a media that takes time and patience.  They may take on an extra earnestness or import, simply by their rarity and by being created by hand. Because of this they are an ideal platform for letters of letting go. You may want to forgive someone of a perceived transgression. You may want to ask for forgiveness or pardon from someone else.

The question is,

“Who or what needs to be let go of to move forward?” Additionally, “What does it look like or feel like in the present moment and how will it look or feel in the future?”

The Type Bar Practice: A ‘Speaker’ participant dictates a letter to a ‘Typist’ participant. This practice allows the Speaker to reflect as s/he composes a letter out loud. The Typist explores their listening and creative skills by helping draft, clarify, and hand type the letter.

The Solo Practice: The participant types the letter themselves. This can be useful for deeply personal letters of for when you want to explore type art on the page.

Start by picking a person or issue you wish to address with your letter.

Next decide if you are writing this letter to be sent to a recipient or to be saved as a document for your own benefit.

Use the letter format to craft a short story about the events leading up to your point of tension or incident.  Be descriptive and recall details of the people, places and actions involved. If you are dictating a letter to a typist, it can be useful to let the typist ask clarifying questions.

Come to a conclusion about specifically what you wish to let go of or forgive. Be specific. Be definite.

You may wish to combine a letter of letting go with other type art.