letter format sample type barFormat for formal letter.

Anatomy Type Bar Letter pdf

Address letter is mailed from indented unless you are using block form. Then it’s on the left margin.


Recipient name and address

Formal: Greetings, To Whom it May Concern, Dear Sir or Madam
Personal: Dear, Dearest, Hi, Hello, To My….

Letter body

Start with describing your most recent communication with that person or recall a positive note about the last time you met.

Include descriptive phrases about current activities or locations of your own life. It’s ok to talk about the weather, or something interesting that happened recently.

Body or key message of the letter. (Remember to include only information you would not mind of others can see. A letter may be read by others.)

Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Gratefully, Truly,
Cordially, Affectionately, Warm regards,


The block letter format is the same as above, only all the alignment is along the left. This includes the paragraph alignment. For personal letters we recommend the indented format. For formal, political, opinion or thank you letters we recommend the block style.


See http://www.thetypebar.com/category/archive/ for ideas.
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