The Type Bar was invited to host a Living Room in the new wing of the Isabella Steward Gardner. Inspired by a project of the same name created for the Gardner Museum in 2000 by Artist-in-Residence Lee Mingwei, the Living Room is a place of learning and inspiration for visitors. The Saturday series invites artists to bring in their collections for display and discussion. The vintage typewriters fit in perfectly with the canary song and the decor of the Living Room. It was a superb pleasure for me and the regular Type Bar typists to be in such a great environment.

Some guests planned to visit, while others stumbled across us because of the sound of typewriters echoing out into the hall. Dozens of letters were typed and I would dare say a few friendships made. Thank you to C.N, S.G and I.C. who all volunteered to type for guests. And thanks to a few Type Bar regulars who came to write more letters.