Anatomy and Physiology of a Type Bar Typewriter pdf download

Physiology Tips:

Feeding the paper: Send the paper upside down and backward just behind the platen roller. Turn the platen knobs away from you and the page will wrap around the platen and face you.

Straightening the page: Use the paper release lever to take tension away from the page so you can straighten or adjust how you want your page to sit in the carriage, then re-engage the lever.

Setting margins: On most machines you press in or down on the springs of the margin stop buttons. This sets the left and right borders of your typeable area.

How do I “press return”?: The linespace carriage return lever on the left returns the page to the left margin and advances to the next line. Press it firmly and consistently to advance.

Line Spacing: Use the line space adjuster to set how many line spaces you want between lines. For short letters on a long page, use three line spaces. For compact letters use one line space.

Backspace: Most typewriters have a backspace key usually indicated by an arrow.


Corona Typewriter Diagram
Anatomy of a typewriter. Image courtesy of Smith Corona and image

Bar Special Effects:

Typing between the lines: Most machines have a way to release the carriage from the mechanical line spacing between lines. This may achieved by a lever, by pulling out the platen knob, or sometimes by pulling a skewer on the platen knob. Use this technique to move between the lines or create free form type (see examples below).

Releasing the carriage: Many Type Bar letter artists like to release the carriage from the machine spacing between characters. Use the carriage release lever to do so. This allows you to type wherever you wish along the line

Margin techniques: There are times when you may want to use non-traditional margins on your letter or mailart. See examples below of margin settings that allow you to create blocks of text within the page.

Pressure techniques and over typing: Typewriters respond to pressure. You can also go back and type over existing text to “bold” it. Type Bar artists use this for unique effects.

Typing between the lines:

typing between the linesReleasing the carriage and overtyping:

Type Bar arts and quotes from meetup
Margin techniques:

letter to a friend

Pressure techniques:

Type Bar Typewriter Experiment Type Bar Typewriter Experiment