Type Bar


The Type Bar Method

A Type Bar ‘Speaker’ participant dictates a letter to a ‘Typist’ participant. Type_Bar_Method (pdf)  Recipients of Type Bar letters often understand that they are receiving a rare communication. The Solo PracticeParticipants are welcome to type letters, poems, or type-art by themselves. This is a great way to get familiar with typewriters. It is useful for private letters or to explore type-art on the page. You may wish to combine any.. Read More

Type Bar New Year – spreading the art of slow communication

Type Bar communication at MFA Now

This has been quite the slow communication year for the Type Bar. We started in Nikko, Tochigi, Japan and ended up Plate Tokyo in Minato-ku. With Boston, New York, Maine, South Carolina, Washington DC and Wisconsin in between. Type Bar guests typed over 650 letters at our events. We mailed simple communications to every state in the U.S. and to over 40 countries. In addition we received an unexpected response.. Read More

Letters to The World – Type Bar at Museum Fine Arts Boston

The Type bar at mfaNow The Type Bar took dictation at two MFA overnights this winter. We engaged dozens of typists to type roughly 500 letters between the two events. Supported by the Fenway Community Center, Type Bar volunteers and guests heard each others stories and hand typed the messages mailing them to people in over 25 countries and 21 U.S. states. Thank you to all the volutneers that came out to.. Read More

Type art – Activity

Type Bar Type Art – Activity pdf download The typewriter can be used for more than just lines on the page. Many artists use typewriters to draw pictures, create designs and more. With Art and Concrete Poetry we explore more formats. You may use these as inserts for letters or as works of art on their own. The question is, “What do I do with this blank page”? The Solo.. Read More

Type Bar at assisted living residence

Typing letters at The Type bar

It’s been on the platen for a long time, so we finally started our series of Type Bars at an assisted living residence in Boston. I am so glad we did. It looks like the beginning of something pretty awesome. After only a couple of meetings we are already building a following. And the stories are worth writing home about. From history, to collecting, to politics, we have a lot.. Read More

Revisions to the Slow Communication Manifesto

Slow communication manifesto at the type bar

SLOW COMMUNICATION MANIFESTO – Because communication technology continue to supply more ways to rapidly connect people, – Because the complexity, speed, and ubiquity of these tools are ever increasing, – Because there exists in the culture a growing expectation for immediate responsiveness and always-connectedness, – Because more and more of our memories and consciousness are becoming located outside our organic minds, – Because expression and communication are becoming evermore predetermined.. Read More