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Letters of letting go – Activity

Type Bar Letters of Letting Go – Activity pdf download Hand typed letters carry a special significance in the digital age. They are created in a media that takes time and patience.  They may take on an extra earnestness or import, simply by their rarity and by being created by hand. Because of this they are an ideal platform for letters of letting go. You may want to forgive someone.. Read More

Revisions to the Slow Communication Manifesto

Slow communication manifesto at the type bar

SLOW COMMUNICATION MANIFESTO – Because communication technology continue to supply more ways to rapidly connect people, – Because the complexity, speed, and ubiquity of these tools are ever increasing, – Because there exists in the culture a growing expectation for immediate responsiveness and always-connectedness, – Because more and more of our memories and consciousness are becoming located outside our organic minds, – Because expression and communication are becoming evermore predetermined.. Read More