Type Bar


Letters to The World – Type Bar at Museum Fine Arts Boston

The Type bar at mfaNow The Type Bar took dictation at two MFA overnights this winter. We engaged dozens of typists to type roughly 500 letters between the two events. Supported by the Fenway Community Center, Type Bar volunteers and guests heard each others stories and hand typed the messages mailing them to people in over 25 countries and 21 U.S. states. Thank you to all the volutneers that came out to.. Read More

Anatomy and physiology of a typewriter

Anatomy and Physiology of a Type Bar Typewriter pdf download Physiology Tips: Feeding the paper: Send the paper upside down and backward just behind the platen roller. Turn the platen knobs away from you and the page will wrap around the platen and face you. Straightening the page: Use the paper release lever to take tension away from the page so you can straighten or adjust how you want your.. Read More