hand typed letter poem to friend

You told me that morning I phoned

that we would not see each other



It was a warm rain

humid Honolulu morning.

We laughed and joked

and I had no idea what you meant.


From the moment we met

you were an encouraging freind.

We were artists together,

monks, hunks, and drunks together.

You were quick to judge

but slow to pass judgement.

You let me be.

And I did my best to pitch in.


Sitting in silence

in empty rooms

on mountains

along the shore…

Presidents came and went

as did the shows

the sadnesses

the joys.


You never really told me too much

as you could see with me

that was best.

But you gave enough

that there is still

empty space,

now that you’re gone.


Grateful to you,

artist, mentor and friend.

Will look forward to you,

your charm and circumstance,

when I see you again.


Lifetimes to come.