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Anatomy of a letter – format example

Format for formal letter. Anatomy Type Bar Letter pdf Address letter is mailed from indented unless you are using block form. Then it’s on the left margin. Date Recipient name and address Salutation Formal: Greetings, To Whom it May Concern, Dear Sir or Madam Personal: Dear, Dearest, Hi, Hello, To My…. Letter body Start with describing your most recent communication with that person or recall a positive note about the.. Read More

Typewriter experiments exploring mail art visual poetry

typewriter art type bar visual poetry

Use the Typewriter to create visual images. This is often called concrete poetry or shape poetry. The process arranges type elements on the page. The arrangement may be more important in conveying meaning than their verbal significance. It is sometimes referred to as visual poetry.  Concrete poetry relates more to the visual than to the verbal arts.  Historically, however, concrete poetry has developed from a long tradition of shaped poems in which the words are.. Read More

Some art goes beyond the rest

“Time has told me You’re a rare find A troubled cure for a troubled mind.” Some art goes beyond the rest. As this time goes on the way it does, I often recall West Hollywood, at times I even miss it. But more than that, I wonder about you. What new ends and beginnings you have come to. With only fashionable flash moment for reflection , I wonder a little what.. Read More