“Time has told me

You’re a rare find

Some Art Goes Beyond The Type Bar LetterA troubled cure

for a troubled mind.”

Some art goes beyond the rest.

As this time goes on the way it does,

I often recall West Hollywood, at times I even miss it. But more than that, I wonder about you. What new ends and beginnings you have come to. With only fashionable flash moment for reflection , I wonder a little what I might be missing. As place to place gather themselves under my feet, then retreat again, eventually leaving me somewhere else. And again with someone else. To where does it leave the estate? To where does it leave constance?

I am not the one to ask.

However, that is not why I write. It must be this old machine with new ink making me poetic. The reason, simply is to tell you that whatever short moment we had to meet, has not lost me. Cautiously thanking you for being a rare find and hoping we again may greet and break bread. I exercise my passing attempts to watch you via the new media, but mostly that appears glossed by some profane lotion that might conceal the degrees of reality below

So here is a simple hello form from a long time friend. Until we meet again.