The most ominous sealed envelope from last month’s Type Bar pop up at Art and Flea said “Do not open until the end, or if you lost all hope”. Sadly, I am not clear which lettDo not open letter until the ender this envelope enclosed. Other typists who took their hands to The Type Bar formed other stories to tell.

A Haiku

dogs are everywhere

I am in love with the world

today is the day


A Poem

“sifted grounds in bitter tastes

gushed sound in foreign rural places


the window pane comforts the saturated

sky as darkness harvests

this peculiar tie…..”


A Message of Love

“We’ve never said I love you to each other because those are terrifying words. To be honest you probably don’t ever have to say it to me because I feel it in the way you hold me…”


After a Break Up

“Firstly, you are quite the narcissist. I do realize that you are aware of this shortcoming; you’ve frequently mentioned your mother commenting on this too ic.”