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Contemporary “Future of Western” Aug 20 in D.C.

type bar exhibit future of western

Type Bar selected one of eight exhibitors for “Future of Western” contemporary art exhibit in Washington D.C. The selections Type Bar exhibits several pieces reproduced from mailings created during the last year. The exhibit includes Gentlemen of Chance I. In addition, preliminary mailings from the forthcoming Gentlemen of Chance II will be on display. The exhibit will include images from the Type Bar archives along with the updated Slow Communication Manifesto. Type Bar recognizes the.. Read More

Mail Art Passionate yet Searing Letter to John

Type Bar dear john mail art letter

Mail Art Letter When this Free hand typed letter came through the website we decided better to turn it into a bit of mail art. This author fantastically conveys the feelings of being in a relationship. Both passionate and searing, I can feel the emotion. Dear John, Meeting you this summer has been one of the best things to happen to me. I am indebted to you. Our friendship has.. Read More

Gentlemen of Chance – spiritual bureaucracy

The Type Bar Gentlemen of Chance 1%

Gentlemen of Chance is a slow communication experiment in social hacktivism and “spiritual bureaucracy.” The art/action/communication consists of mailing 108 letters to prominent public figures from the Forbes 400. These are people who may influence fortunes or multitudes. Each letter contains a unique type-art impression designed for the recipient. The letter invites each person on a hero’s journey mindfulness practice to discover what action they are destined to take to.. Read More

Type art – Activity

Type Bar Type Art – Activity pdf download The typewriter can be used for more than just lines on the page. Many artists use typewriters to draw pictures, create designs and more. With Art and Concrete Poetry we explore more formats. You may use these as inserts for letters or as works of art on their own. The question is, “What do I do with this blank page”? The Solo.. Read More

Typewriter experiments exploring mail art visual poetry

typewriter art type bar visual poetry

Use the Typewriter to create visual images. This is often called concrete poetry or shape poetry. The process arranges type elements on the page. The arrangement may be more important in conveying meaning than their verbal significance. It is sometimes referred to as visual poetry.  Concrete poetry relates more to the visual than to the verbal arts.  Historically, however, concrete poetry has developed from a long tradition of shaped poems in which the words are.. Read More

Type Bar at Nikko Coffee in Imaichi

This was by far the most scenic Type Bar on the trip. The decor and ambiance at Nikko Coffee’s Imaichi store is so fitting to the event. With the supreme help of Hajime and Yuichi, who Masayo @odashitokyo introduced to us, about twenty people showed up to write letters. It was such a lovely time. Not to mention that Nikko Coffee has the best tasting coffee I have had in.. Read More

Type Bar at Just Another Space, Nakameguro, Tokyo

Friends and strangers alike came out to Just Another Space to type letters, sample the excellent locally produced yerba mate soft drink (yum), and otherwise have a good time. Special thanks goes out to Mari from Just Another Agency for hosting us, even while working on deadline for her own projects. The venue was a classic living room setting. A great place for a photo shoot or parties if you need.. Read More

Letter from the moon (archive)

Dear Miss … I’m writing to you from the moon. It’s closer than I thought it would be, with secret tunnels, holes and adventures. Sometimes Beyonce starts playing out of the sky. It’s so odd. Form today, July 24 on and for the rest of our lives, let’s look down on ourselves as if we were on the moon. What would we do next? How would we live? Missyou and.. Read More

Haiku self help and lost love – Letters from September

The most ominous sealed envelope from last month’s Type Bar pop up at Art and Flea said “Do not open until the end, or if you lost all hope”. Sadly, I am not clear which letter this envelope enclosed. Other typists who took their hands to The Type Bar formed other stories to tell. A Haiku dogs are everywhere I am in love with the world today is the day.. Read More

The Type Bar – Universal Babel Service Archive

For more than a decade, named the Universal Babel Service, The Type Bar brought you hand typed letters through a unique dictation process. A special thank you goes out to all the typists that have served at the Type Bar or the Universal Babel Service. As a typist (“babeler” or “barista” as we’ve been called) listening to your letters, thoughts and dreams has been a great pleasure and responsibility. Here.. Read More