I wish we were still living in a time of letters and postcards. Because then I could blame the ringing silence on the millions of miles between Emotional Baggage The Type Barus. You could have written a letter to me months ago, but for some unfortunate reason I never received it…because unlike an email or a phone call, there are countless ways a letter could get trapped or lost on its journey halfway across the world.

Maybe it got lost in a snow storm over New Foundland; the plane had to return to its departure city and the poor little letter is now sitting alone in a box somewhere in Canada.
Maybe it fell out of a postman’s bike cart and is now withering away on the wet streets of an unnamed city.
Maybe you didn’t put enough postage on–silly you–and the letter never left the country.
Maybe the letter ended up with a shipment of oranges from California and accidentally ended up at a grocery store instead of my mailbox.
Maybe you ran out of paper.
Or pencil.
Or envelopes.
Or stamps.
Maybe you are currently wasting time scavenging through different kinds of stationary to find the perfect one.
Heck, maybe you are writing as we speak…

Or maybe, just maybe, you left a flower in there among the pages of apologies, which caused the customs and border patrol people to freak out about cross contamination of indigenous species, leading them to quarantine the little letter. Along with your words.

How I wish we were still living in a time of letters and postcards. Because then I wouldn’t be so damn sure that this violently ringing silence is a conscious choice.

Letter Recipient: Though I have shredded my emotional luggageEmotional Envelope The Type Bar Paper Supply
Recipient Address: I will try to nurse this branch back to life
Recipient City, State: Hands like a chainsaw
Recipient Postal or Zip Code: The end.
Recipient Country: