This was by far the most scenic Type Bar on the trip. The decor and ambiance at Nikko Coffee’s Imaichi store is so fitting to the event. With the supreme help of Hajime and Yuichi, who Masayo @odashitokyo introduced to us, about twenty people showed up to write letters. It was such a lovely time. Not to mention that Nikko Coffee has the best tasting coffee I have had in the country. Maybe it’s the mountain water? No matter what, I really hope we get back there again. Read more about the rest of Type Bar Japan here.

The Tobu-Nikko line gave us some extra photo ops. Below is a little Type Bar story, of us getting to the event via train, and drafting a few messages along the way.

Type Bar Corona in CaseType Bar Coronoa on TrainType Bar Arthur TypesType Bar Taka TypesType Bar Imaichi StationType Bar AvenueType Bar Nikko Coffee VenueType Bar SignType Bar and Nikko CupType Bar MarginsType Bar Stained Glass TypingType Bar Nikko Gluing CrowdType Bar Hitomi and MattType Bar letter coachingType Bar CrowdType Bar Letters Nikko Coffee