Letters and quotes from the meetups so far this year have been fun and enlightening. More fun may be just meeting up with other typists and letter writers. And it may be watching the people’s reactions in the public place we meetup. What words of wisdom these are below, remains to be seen.

Type Bar arts and quotes from meetup Type Bar arts and quotes from meetup


Rhode Island on the horizon? tell me how to get there. I will give you some direction on …..

This letter was typed over the poem Un Cygne by Rilke. By using red transfer paper, but only a partial sheet the right hand of the letter became “Proprietary”. On the original top sheet, the full letter was written across the page. The artist did not share the full letter with the Type Bar.

Type Bar arts and quotes from meetup
at least a muffin makes no noise.

What I like about typewriters is that you cannot go back except by allowing everyone to see what has happened.

Type Bar arts and quotes from meetup Type Bar arts and quotes from meetupType Bar arts and quotes from meetup

When I start to consider what it means to be an artist I am left in doubt. Will try anything at least once, but most of the time it seems to lead to nowhere or then again may lead to a hole that another has already bored before me. So then, this becomes nothing worth noting. Unless of course it is by crawling through the other holes that we find our own creative location. Then I guess it will be up to me to continue to dig. And dig. Until the holes reveal their emptiness and the boring continues no more. When I start to consider.

Type Bar quotes and art from February
Whether one has led a pristine life or is being paid “the wages of sin” life is full of challenges and hurdles.”

Type Bar quotes and art from February

I approach you now to offer my warm wishes for the new year and my interest if your health permits and if you find the idea agreeable, in seeing you again. This proposal is put forward with all caution and humility. My hear has been broken five times. I make mista%es. My socks rareky match…. I am however, alive; this is something. I am still tick ing. I can type. I can spell without machine assistance. I can boil spaghetti….”