Type Bar


The Type Bar Method

A Type Bar ‘Speaker’ participant dictates a letter to a ‘Typist’ participant. Type_Bar_Method (pdf)  Recipients of Type Bar letters often understand that they are receiving a rare communication. The Solo PracticeParticipants are welcome to type letters, poems, or type-art by themselves. This is a great way to get familiar with typewriters. It is useful for private letters or to explore type-art on the page. You may wish to combine any.. Read More

Encouragement Letter from Type Bar Summer Dreams at Fenway Community

The Type Bar at Fenway a letter writing heaven

Encouragement letter from Daniella Dear Susannah, and Gina, Here is a letter of encouragement. Here is a reminder to step away from the computer every once in a while. Thrombosis and warfarin will still be there when you get back, I promise. Here is a reminder that the people that you meet now are special and you will appreciate them even more once you leave school, because you will have.. Read More

Typewriter Experiment 34

Typewriter Experiment 34 at The Type Bar

For this latest Typewriter Experiment, I wondered what would happen if I did some subtraction before my addition. I did not realize I would be coming up against copyright, ownership issues and infringement on personal space. I recalled from some elementary art project that I could erase glossy printed photographs to a plain white finish and thereby retrieve a canvas of sorts. So I thought to erase some spaces on.. Read More

Letters of letting go – Activity

Type Bar Letters of Letting Go – Activity pdf download Hand typed letters carry a special significance in the digital age. They are created in a media that takes time and patience.  They may take on an extra earnestness or import, simply by their rarity and by being created by hand. Because of this they are an ideal platform for letters of letting go. You may want to forgive someone.. Read More

Type Bar Meetup letters and quotes from February

Type Bar arts and quotes from meetup

Letters and quotes from the meetups so far this year have been fun and enlightening. More fun may be just meeting up with other typists and letter writers. And it may be watching the people’s reactions in the public place we meetup. What words of wisdom these are below, remains to be seen. Proprietary Rhode Island on the horizon? tell me how to get there. I will give you some.. Read More

Letters of praise and folly

Type Bar in Action Nov 15

November has been a time for praise and folly at the Type Bar. Letter requests have been coming in from around the world and all around town. With the holiday approaching, some get sentimental and others get courageous. Here are some of my favorite quotes. And a gallery of the manner they were typed. Seems the mailart vibe is happening here. It’s way more fun to get more sticky tacky stuff.. Read More

Some art goes beyond the rest

“Time has told me You’re a rare find A troubled cure for a troubled mind.” Some art goes beyond the rest. As this time goes on the way it does, I often recall West Hollywood, at times I even miss it. But more than that, I wonder about you. What new ends and beginnings you have come to. With only fashionable flash moment for reflection , I wonder a little what.. Read More

The Type Bar – Universal Babel Service Archive

For more than a decade, named the Universal Babel Service, The Type Bar brought you hand typed letters through a unique dictation process. A special thank you goes out to all the typists that have served at the Type Bar or the Universal Babel Service. As a typist (“babeler” or “barista” as we’ve been called) listening to your letters, thoughts and dreams has been a great pleasure and responsibility. Here.. Read More