Encouragement letter from Daniella

Dear Susannah, and Gina,

Here is a letter of encouragement. Here is a reminder to step away from the computer every once in a while. Thrombosis and warfarin will still be there when you get back, I promise. Here is a reminder that the people that you meet now are special and you will appreciate them even more once you leave school, because you will have gone through hell together. Here is a reminder that friends are (generally) forever and that college guys come and go. Unless they stay. So don’t hesitate to go out with your friends. Guys will still be there and they will be more intrigued when you tell them NO. SORRY. BUSY. and hang out with your friends. Guys are wonderful and predictable, and it’s easy to get their interest by being busy. Luckily, school keeps you busy so you are half way there.

If you work little by little, it is 100% easier than a last minute all night studying, although God knows I have done that too.

Here is a letter of encouragement that you are perfect just the way that you are, but it is never a bad thing to improve as long as you are gentle on yourselves. That is the highest task and the hardest. It is really hard to be both easy on yourself and try to be better than you were yesterday, but you must try.

Here is a letter of encouragement that it does get easier.

Here is a quiet plea to be careful and watch your drink when you go out, because there are lots of sketchy dudes and you do not deserve to have your drink spiked. And if your drink ever DOES get spiked it’s not your fault. Let’s just look out for each other.

Here is a reminder that every chance you have to go out for a walk or take a trip, even if for the day, do it. Work will always be there, but some sad day Gina and Susannah will not be living together and you will absolutely miss walking with each other through the snow and then drinking hot cocoa.

Do the dishes always. Ahead of time. Even if you’re tired. Nothing drives apart roomies faster than a dirty house. We are all tired. Rise above the mess.

In my 36 years I have had some hard earned victories, and I pass what I know onto you.  There are thousands of mistakes to make. Make new ones!



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