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Revisions to the Slow Communication Manifesto

Slow communication manifesto at the type bar

SLOW COMMUNICATION MANIFESTO – Because communication technology continue to supply more ways to rapidly connect people, – Because the complexity, speed, and ubiquity of these tools are ever increasing, – Because there exists in the culture a growing expectation for immediate responsiveness and always-connectedness, – Because more and more of our memories and consciousness are becoming located outside our organic minds, – Because expression and communication are becoming evermore predetermined.. Read More

Typewriter experiments exploring mail art visual poetry

typewriter art type bar visual poetry

Use the Typewriter to create visual images. This is often called concrete poetry or shape poetry. The process arranges type elements on the page. The arrangement may be more important in conveying meaning than their verbal significance. It is sometimes referred to as visual poetry.  Concrete poetry relates more to the visual than to the verbal arts.  Historically, however, concrete poetry has developed from a long tradition of shaped poems in which the words are.. Read More

Letter to a friend who no longer lives at an address

hand typed letter to a friend with no address envelope

You told me that morning I phoned that we would not see each other again.   It was a warm rain humid Honolulu morning. We laughed and joked and I had no idea what you meant.   From the moment we met you were an encouraging freind. We were artists together, monks, hunks, and drunks together. You were quick to judge but slow to pass judgement. You let me be… Read More

Type Bar Japan hosts artists, collectors and students in Nakameguro, Nikko and Nerima

What happens when you bring a bunch of vintage manual typewriters, stationery and vintage stamps to Japan for letter writing events? A lot. Below is a summary of Type Bar Japan and a thank you at the end of this page for a huge unexpected gift given to the project. Read more about each event here: Just Another Space, Nikko Coffee (with the arrival story), and NED Academy. Two Type Bars were planned. It was a.. Read More

Type Bar at Nikko Coffee in Imaichi

This was by far the most scenic Type Bar on the trip. The decor and ambiance at Nikko Coffee’s Imaichi store is so fitting to the event. With the supreme help of Hajime and Yuichi, who Masayo @odashitokyo introduced to us, about twenty people showed up to write letters. It was such a lovely time. Not to mention that Nikko Coffee has the best tasting coffee I have had in.. Read More

Type Bar at Just Another Space, Nakameguro, Tokyo

Friends and strangers alike came out to Just Another Space to type letters, sample the excellent locally produced yerba mate soft drink (yum), and otherwise have a good time. Special thanks goes out to Mari from Just Another Agency for hosting us, even while working on deadline for her own projects. The venue was a classic living room setting. A great place for a photo shoot or parties if you need.. Read More

Letters of praise and folly

Type Bar in Action Nov 15

November has been a time for praise and folly at the Type Bar. Letter requests have been coming in from around the world and all around town. With the holiday approaching, some get sentimental and others get courageous. Here are some of my favorite quotes. And a gallery of the manner they were typed. Seems the mailart vibe is happening here. It’s way more fun to get more sticky tacky stuff.. Read More

Letter from the moon (archive)

Dear Miss … I’m writing to you from the moon. It’s closer than I thought it would be, with secret tunnels, holes and adventures. Sometimes Beyonce starts playing out of the sky. It’s so odd. Form today, July 24 on and for the rest of our lives, let’s look down on ourselves as if we were on the moon. What would we do next? How would we live? Missyou and.. Read More

Some art goes beyond the rest

“Time has told me You’re a rare find A troubled cure for a troubled mind.” Some art goes beyond the rest. As this time goes on the way it does, I often recall West Hollywood, at times I even miss it. But more than that, I wonder about you. What new ends and beginnings you have come to. With only fashionable flash moment for reflection , I wonder a little what.. Read More

If there is no sound in space

If there is no sound in space, how can I hear all the words you’ve ever said to me echo against my body like meteorites shaping another world? I’m millions of light years away leaving me with the thought that you’re long dead, but honey you’ve always been that way. I don’t know if I miss you, honestly. We were so good but that was in the past, and we.. Read More